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How to entertain children during the Easter Holidays

How to entertain children during the Easter Holidays

Local Default Author 25th March 2022

Easter holidays is fast approaching, and we all need to prepare looking after the children as they are off School. Whether you are a parent, or a family member helping out during the school holidays, it is good to be prepared and plan your days ahead to keep children entertained; rather than watch TV!


So, we thought we would write a small article on ideas during Easter.

Baking – Always a winner with children!  At this time of year, it is always a good time make easter cakes with melted chocolate and stir in  ‘Rice Krispies’ or ‘Cornflakes’  and separate the mixture into cake cases. You can then get the kids to decorate the topping. They could use small chocolate eggs to stick on top or leave them plain. Baking is ideal if the weather was to turn. Just be prepared with all your ingredients!

Park - SUN OUT, GET THEM OUT! Ideal for getting some fresh air, doesn’t cost anything and the kids LOVE IT! Pushing them on a swing or getting them to go on a seesaw with their friends, and just watch them all having a great time. This also gets them tired for an afternoon nap!

Arts and crafts – children LOVE being creative; they like having an idea in their head and making it. You could get plain paper and paints for them to paints over the holidays and get their imagination flowing. Or you can now even get household items like clean empty plastic bottles, plastic/cardboard cartons or boxes. They can use them to paint on and make a model of something as they wish. Could be a car, a house! I m sure they will think of something that hasn’t even entered our heads! Always good to make an additional item for their den!

Board games – no matter what the child’s age is, they always want to play a game. If you want something to huddle everyone around a table and get their brain stimulated, then this is certainly something we can all do this Easter.

Eating chocolate with a movie - I think we can all say that this is a must for the holidays. Easter eggs are overloading the house and they needs to be ate! After a day in the fresh air, what better than sitting on the settee eating chocolate and watching a family film!


I hope this has helped out what your plans are for the Easter holidays!


We wish you all a lovely Easter Break!

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