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On the face of it all estate agents appear to be the same!!!


Fotolia_35635950_Subscription_XXLSo when selling  your property it is important to choose the right estate agent.  At Alastair Saville you can expect to be given honest and practical advice by trained experienced professionals who will guide you through the maze of selling your property.  At  every stage of your sale we will make it as stress free as possible whilst maintaining the upmost integrity.  Our extensive advertising includes local press, all the major websites including Rightmove, Zoopla and we are the only agent to have its own property magazine circulating regularly to local businesses and the additional Home Passports giving unique information on our individual properties and their surrounding area.

We are members of the National Association Of Estate Agents and the Ombudsman Scheme.  In 2012 we were recognised by The Guild of Property Professionals as Maghull and Lydiates’ leading independent estate agent and asked to become their member agent for the area.

Now alongside  our proven successful property marketing, The Guild of Property Professionals provide their own unique strategies to give yet another dimension to selling property.  We have access via their Park Lane London Office to all the nationwide Guild members and their  buyers.  This combats the ever increasing relocation market …. Remember, not all buyers are from your local area.

The team at Alastair Saville undergo regular training and work to a strict code of conduct. Their knowledge, professional and integrity is second to none and is the reason why at Alastair Saville customer service that is less than exceptional, is unacceptable!




Fotolia_37877247_Subscription_XXLHere are a few tips to ensure you get the best possible sale in today’s market

First Impressions

When potential buyers arrive at your house, they will instantly start to form opinions within the first 15 seconds. We tend to find that most people drive past properties before arranging a viewing and if they do not like the external look of the property, they will not view.

External Preparation

Gardens – Make sure the garden is neat and tidy. The lawn has been recently mown and edged and the borders have been well tended.

Front Path and Driveway – Make sure they are cleared of litter and free of weeds. There is nothing worse than a path that is in a bad condition. People tend to judge the interior of a property by the external.

Front Elevation – Make sure doors, window frames, gates and garage doors are freshly painted and that the house name and number are clearly visible. A coat of paint is always refreshing.

Roof and Gutters – Make sure there are no missing or broken tiles and that all gutters are clean

General Maintenance – Get all the minor jobs and repairs completed

Internal Preparation

Colour – Where possible, colours should be soft and natural to give rooms a feeling of being spacious and airy.

Cleanliness – Make sure the whole house is cleaned, dusted and tidied from top to bottom, paying particular attention to bathrooms and kitchen. Windows and woodwork should also be washed and carpets free from stains.

De-clutter – this would give a more spacious appeal to the house and allow purchasers to visualise their own furniture and belongings in each room

Light – The correct use of lighting can create a feeling of warmth and cosiness in the winter and bright and natural in the summer. Studies prove that people react more positively to well-lit properties. Always open curtains during the daytime. In overcast conditions, ensure the property is well lighted. Use mirrors to magnify the feeling of space and light.

Sound – Try to avoid using appliances around the property to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Smell – people tend to be suspicious when the bread maker or a coffee machine is buzzing away in the background. However a clean smell is imperative particularly in bathrooms and kitchen. Display fresh flowers as the smell of them and furniture polish are hard to beat.

Pets – Not everyone is an animal lover. It is always a good idea to get family or friends to look after them on the day of a viewing.

Presenting the interior

Hallway – This is the first part in the property which a buyer will see and therefore you can create a strong impression to outline the rest of the property. Ensure it is well lit.

Living and lounge areas- This is the room most people use to live and entertain in. If there is a fireplace, then during the winter months, light the fire to make it more homely. During the summer and spring months, dress it with flowers or something similar. A mirror over the fireplace, can make the room look bigger and by using uplighters or a large plant behind furniture, can create a dramatic visual effect.

Kitchen – The kitchen can have a big effect on the saleability of a property. If the kitchen is old and tired, consider replacing floor coverings and installing new handles on the units. Ensure all surfaces are de-cluttered and spotlessly clean.

Bathrooms – It is imperative that all bathrooms are spotlessly clean. Grubby grout should be removed and replaced or alternatively cleaned to an exceptional standard. If the tiles are looking tired, bleach them and if that does not work, replace them. If you have a small bathroom, tile the walls as this will make it appear bigger. Remove carpets as people consider them to be un-hygienic and replace with ceramic tiles, cork or bamboo floors.

Bedrooms – Make sure bedrooms are spotlessly clean. Fill the air with fresh smells and turn bedside lamps on to light the room and give atmosphere.

The showing of your property

The following is a list of do’s and don’ts regarding the showing of your property.

If it is overcast, ensure the property is well lit.

Do not use electrical appliances thus creating noise.

Do not try to oversell your home by pointing out insignificant features i.e. number of power points in a room or how efficient the central heating is.

Do not state the obvious such as this is the kitchen.

Always let the buyer enter the room in front of you. Stand back to allow them to get a good view and feel of each room.

Do not point out the bad points or jobs that you have not got round to doing as these may not be things that are obvious to the buyer.

Always finish the viewing by showing the best room or feature of your property.

Do not do a lot of talking. Answer questions when asked but do not appear to be over keen or desperate to sell your home.

If you are comfortable with the buyers, ask them if they would like to view the property again on their own.

Do not put any pressure on them or ask for feedback regarding the property immediately after they finish the appointment.



Fotolia_33361357_Subscription_XXLAs soon as your property is on the market we immediately focus on reaching as many buyers as possible. We will contact  by phone, sms texting or email all our registered buyers, display your property in our busy Central Square office and commence marketing using many areas at our disposal such as local newspaper, major websites and our own property magazine. We also recommend you use one of our “For Sale” boards.

We invest a considerable amount of time and money to ensure all our adverts are eyecatching and stand out amongst our competitors.




Fotolia_34233244_Subscription_XXLThe web has now become one of the most effective ways of reaching out to potential purchasers. Due to this, we have redesigned our own website to make it easier to use. We also do the following:



Facebook has become one of the major websites not just for personal use, but for business use. We are now on Facebook.

Find us


We now have an IPhone application which allows our potential purchasers to access details of our properties whilst on the move.


Twitter is an online social networking service and micro blogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters which are known as tweets.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 175 million members and growing rapidly. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.


We also advertise on the following:


This is the major portal where the majority of agent’s properties are listed.


Prime Location is a UK property portal which lists upmarket properties both in the UK and abroad.


Zoopla is one of the fastest growing and most innovative websites


Another up and coming website used not only by estate agents and surveyors to research property sales for comparable purposes but most recently for the general public to find suitable properties to buy.

The Guild of Property Professionals

A network of 700 leading estate agents across the country all monitored by the guild office in London Mayfair. Sending relocation enquiries nationwide.



Your property will benefit from our specialised marketing, using digitally produced colour illustrated details.  We have a wide selection of sales particulars for you to choose from. Your property is displayed in our customised A4 & A3 wall displays in our high profile prominently situated office in the busy shopping centre of Central Square.

In 2012 our own property magazine was launched and is regularly circulated to local businesses in the area such as doctors’ surgeries, hairdressers, dentists, etc. The magazine, produced by The Guild of Property Professionals for Alastair Saville has been well received by both vendors and purchasers alike.  You can also see an electronic version of it on our website.

Selling property is a competitive business and we feel our magazine is yet another way that our clients have the edge.

New to 2013 we can now offer our new customers the latest innovative brochure to the residential sales market. Your very own ‘Home Passport’ an individually customised A4 book presenting external and internal photographs of your property together with useful and informative statistics on your surrounding area.  It will include your Energy Performance Certificate, Local Planning Applications, useful information on your neighbourhood together with a list of local schools, shops and services.  We also digitally email prospective buyers one to ensure your property truly stands out from the crowd.



Fotolia_20567878_Subscription_XXLIf you are considering selling your property, we offer a free no obligation market appraisal. A member of our team will call at your property, discuss your requirements and carry out the appraisal. Our Marketing Advisor will inform you of our recommended valuation, details of our fees and proposed marketing plans for your property and can take photographs ready to present to the market if you wish. We will then write to you confirming our recommendations.

Alastair Saville work on a ‘no sale, no fee’ policy. We pride ourself on our personal service offering vendors bespoke, clear and professional advice on both their sale and purchase.

We do not believe in overvaluing your property to win business.  Our market appraisal will be based on our indepth knowledge of the area, location and current market conditions. At Alastair Saville we never forget who we are working for and that our job is to achieve the best price possible for our vendors.

Once we receive your instructions to sell your property, we will immediately contact all suitable buyers via email, SMS text messaging or telephone.

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